Tips for Camping with Children and Where to Find Beach Cabins at a Surf Resort in Wollongong

The idea of taking your kids camping may sound like a dream–or a nightmare. Don’t worry; family camping trips can be lots of fun with a few simple tips. To help your kids stay safe and have a great time while camping, keep the following in mind.

Are we there yet?

If the drive to your campsite is longer than half an hour or so, this is a phrase you’re bound to hear at least once. Bring along some entertainment to help keep your kids from getting hopelessly bored. Try books, electronics, portable games, maps you can use as a learning opportunity–anything to hold their attention and help pass the time.

You can try to help them understand what to expect regarding time and distance and make frequent stops. In the end, no matter how well you prepare, they may still get antsy. Be patient: you’ll all be out of the car soon.

Enlist kids’ help

When you arrive, get the kids involved as much as possible in setting up the campsite, even if they can only handle simple tasks. Choose age-appropriate tasks; older kids can help pitch tents or cook meals, while younger children may be able to set out chairs, gather kindling, or pull out sleeping bags.

Stay away from chores that may frustrate your kids or require too much effort. Camping is supposed to be fun, and these early trips will shape how your kids feel about it for years to come.

Plan for inclement weather

It would be great if every day were warm and sunny. In the real world, rain is a part of life. Bring along plenty of activities for inside the tent or cabin such as playing cards and colouring books. Steer clear of puzzles and other toys with lots of tiny pieces that can become lost.

Make sure electronic devices are fully charged and bring along a portable battery but reserve these activities for rainy days. The fun of camping is enjoying nature and the great outdoors!

Pack all the necessities

The last thing you want is to show up at your campsite only to realise you’ve left behind something valuable. Make a list so you don’t forget essentials such as hand sanitiser, baby wipes (convenient for quick cleaning of dirty hands and faces), flashlights and extra batteries, matches or a lighter, sunscreen, and any comfort objects your kids are accustomed to sleeping with. It’s also a good idea to bring more clothes than you think you’ll need–camping is dirty work.

Where to find beach cabins in Wollongong

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